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Shiny Finish Digital

  • By Dan

Echo Design’s latest Digital campaign for Reckitt Benckiser Super Brand Finish. It was a dual promotion for the new Finish Hand Dishwashing product and the Finish Power & Pure range.

Click on the web page mockup below to see in full detail.Finish-iPadFinish-P&P-&-HDW-Coles-online



Happy 2014

  • By Dan

Just in case you missed our Christmas card here’s some snappy motion & music for Christmas . (Click on the image below)

See if you can spot some of the famous brands we work on every day at Echo. Look out for Hortico, Pine o Cleen, 3M Command Hooks, Mortein, Nurofen, Airwick, Dermeze, Veet, Lemsip, Dettol, 3M scotch tapes, Kleenex & Finish to mention but a few.



Vanish website images

  • By Dan


We’ve recently had the opportunity to update some of the imagery on the Vanish Australia website. You can see the areas we worked on in the above image. Visit the site to see them in action. .

Give Echo a call if you’d like to discuss your digital presence.



Dettol HiLite animation

  • By Dan

Our latest digital work for the Mission for Health campaign

Go full screen to see the full plasma screen animation in all it glory.

Client: Reckitt Benckiser Australia

Brand: Dettol

Campaign: Mission for Health


Animation & Design: Danial O’Neill